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Atman KING Goldenfish Pipe

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Atman KING Goldenfish Pipe

A revolutionary creation metal pipe for loose leaf from ATMAN king goldenfish. ATMAN king goldenfish is more than a pipe, but a high and free lifestyle.
With the innovative design, ATMAN king goldenfish is armed like multi-functional pipe with easy smoke lifestyle nd fit any lifestyle without slowing down. The prefect size let you easy to put in your pocket or hand bag, meanwhile, it’s very easy to maintain.
Easy Pipe, Easy Life!

1.Ergonomical design
2.Borosilicate glass aka pyrex(heat resistant glass)
3.Fits a 14mm-18mm water pipe
4.No more tobacco paper
5.Reusuable / environmentally friendly

How to use:
1.Fill the glass tube with herbs & tobacco
2.Set a light to the end & enjoy
3.Twist clockwise to ash and refresh

1.Please always keep it away from children’s reach
2.Please always keep it dry for storage
3.Please make sure device is cool down before cheaning
4.Please follow user manual before use
5.Suitable only persons 18+ years old and over
6.If unsure of use please consult your doctor

This Kit Includes:
1 x Atman KING Goldenfish Smoking Pipe
1 x Silicon Adapter
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x Rubber Cap
1 x clean needle

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