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The R-Series 2 "R2” RiG Edition by @thisthingrips combines massive, riglike rips with the convenience and portability that you’ve come to expect from today’s most innovative vaporizer pens! This pocket-sized beast utilizes a Ceramic Dual Titanium Coil Atomizer—giving you huge vapor production in a very dependable and ultra easy-to-use device!  The Set It & Forget It Smart Battery offers up to three variable temperatures, remembers your last setting and can also be charging while you’re ripping! If all that’s not enough, the RiG’s user-friendly packaging and silicone tray with built-in stash compartment is specifically designed to act as a home base for your device—and all that goes with it! You choose your rip! With the Adjustable Airflow Ring, the R-Series 2 RiG Edition allows you to tweak your vapor intake with a simple twist! A Built-In Silicone Jar positioned at the bottom of the battery lets you discretely keep your supply with you at all times!  With the R-Series 2 RiG Edition, you get all the power of a RiG—and even more convenience—right in your pocket!
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