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Batteries & Chargers

Without a battery or charger, your vaporizer is virtually useless. Make sure your portable
vaporizer is always ready to go with an extra travel battery and charger.
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Many chargers
are now fitted with USB ports for easy charging accessibility. Combine your USB
charger with a wall charger attachment to plug directly into any outlet. Many vaporizer
batteries last for one or two good sessions before needing to be recharged. Picking up
an extra charger for at work or strictly travel purposes will help you avoid frustration
when the battery dwindles in power. Vapers can also carry an extra charged battery
with them for times when charging on-site isn’t possible.

When selecting an extra battery for your vaporizer, users will want to make sure it’s
compatible with their device. There are a variety of batteries below, all with different
power levels and output strengths. Usually, a battery that delivers high output won’t last
as long, but a battery with low output can last for hours. One is not better than the other.
It really depends on user needs and preferences to determine the right combination for
this category. Just make sure your device can handle the battery you’re using with it especially if you're vaping CBD buds in the UK.

If you choose a high Amp battery, you will need to pair it with a higher Watt mod. Using
a low Amp battery at high Wattage can damage the battery from built up pressure.
Always exercise caution and perform thorough research before swapping out batteries.
Remember, batteries need to be stored at room temperature and away from interactive
materials (like steel wool). Also, batteries need proper ventilation when charging.
Batteries are always safe when used properly, but improper use can lead to severe
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Showing 1 to 27 of 27 (1 Pages)