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Trustfire TR-016 Intelligent Charger

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Trustfire TR-016 Intelligent Charger

* Micro USB Lithium Battery Charger

Model: TR-016
Input: 5.0V 1.0A(1.5A MAX)
Output:4.2V 2x0.55A(0.65A MAX)
Weight: 85grams
Charged by micro USB port
Can recharge Li-ion:10440 /14500/16340 /17335 17670 /18350/18500 /18650 rechargeable battery

* Can charge in the outdoor by power bank or in car easily

* Operating temperature: -20℃- 40℃

* With two charging indicator lights

* Perfect Protection Function
Over voltage protection
Over current protection
Short circuit protection
Reversed battery protection

* Includes 1*TR-016 charger, 1* USB cable, 1*manual, 1*packing box
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