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Brand-new vapers and experienced pros alike will find the perfect kit for them in our
collection below. Whether a vaper prefers dry herb, concentrates, or e-juice, they will
find a quality kit to get them started on their vaping journey at a reasonable price.
Experienced vapers who have mastered the art of modification can find spare parts to
create their perfect model as well. We even carry sub-ohm parts for vapers who like to
experiment with different heat levels. All of the different choices can seem
overwhelming at first. Knowing the basics of vaping and what a user prefers in terms of
temperature and power will help narrow down the appropriate options to find the perfect

Many kits come with extra parts and tools that vapers will need for their sessions. This
can be a great way for vapers to gather everything they need to get started at a cheaper
price than purchasing everything separately. Another advantage of kits is that all the
parts are compatible with one another, so it takes the guesswork and lengthy research
out of creating the perfect device. Sometimes, improperly matched pieces can lead to
irreparable damage to the device and even dangerous battery explosions. Kits make
custom builds safe, and they prevent accidents like this from occurring. Most kits
include a tank, a battery, replacement coils or wicks, and a charger. Every kit is
different, though, to meet different needs. Our supply offers a wide range of options for
just about every preference. Browse the options below to find the perfect selection.
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Showing 1 to 27 of 27 (1 Pages)