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Most vapers start out with a pen or portable vaporizer. MODs are a bit different but
achieve the same results.
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MODs are a hot trend in the vaping world right now, and most
likely will stick around for a while. Below, we have some of the most trusted MOD
brands on the market. The wide selection ensures all vapers can find the right device for

The boxed shape is something to get used to when handling, but they offer a wide
range of options that most pens don’t. One of the best features of a MOD is that the
battery is removable, thus allowing sessions while simultaneously charging the next
battery. With MODs, there is no downtime while the device is charging. MODs are great
for on-the-go vaping, but they are less inconspicuous than an e-cigarette. Still, vapers
do enjoy the expanded mechanical options that MODs provide.

Below you will find both electronic and mechanical MODs, for regulated and rebuildable
dripping atomizers respectively. Before choosing a MOD, users will need to decide
whether they want full customization powers or be limited in how they can use their
device, sort of like choosing between a manual or automatic transmission in a car. One
is not better than the other, but the perfect MOD will depend on the needs and
preferences of the user. Vapers just beginning their journey into MODs will most likely
feel comfortable with a regulated MOD, and can work their way up to unregulated
MODs once they have the hang of the new device. With each new vape invention, our
collections grow. Check back often for the latest in MOD designs.
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Showing 1 to 5 of 5 (1 Pages)