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Brand: BC 5000

Product Code: MMDMGVE

Availability: In Stock

Variations Price Quantity
Flavors: STRAWBERRY TOBACCO Log in to see pricing
Flavors: NECTARINE *THERMAL EDITION* Log in to see pricing
Flavors: CHERRY LEMON MINT Log in to see pricing
Flavors: CHERRY DRAGON FRUIT * THERMAL EDITION* Log in to see pricing
Flavors: WATERMELON BG Log in to see pricing
Flavors: BROWN TOBACCO Log in to see pricing
Flavors: ORANGE PEAR NECTAR *NEW* Log in to see pricing
Flavors: KOPI TOBACCO Log in to see pricing
Flavors: Mint Tobacco Log in to see pricing
Flavors: PINEAPPLE ORANGE MINT Log in to see pricing
Flavors: BLUEBERRY TOBACCO Log in to see pricing
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Elevate Your Vaping Game with BC5000 Bars 5% 5000 Puff 10ct

The BC5000 Bars 5% 5000 Puff 10ct is not your ordinary disposable vape; this innovative device combines cutting-edge technology and puts on an impressive performance to deliver unmatched experience.

Crafted to cater to both newcomers and seasoned vapers, this exceptional device from Elf Bar is designed to stand out in a crowded market. At Devine Distribution, we offer BC5000 Bars in bulk at wholesale prices so you can enjoy consistent vaping sessions without breaking the bank!

What truly sets this device apart is its robust 650mAh built-in battery, a true game-changer. You don’t have to worry about running out of battery power mid-vape – the BC5000 Bars 5% 5000 Puff 10ct ensures you enjoy up to every puff without interruptions. Unlike traditional disposable vapes, the BC5000 Bars feature a rechargeable battery. A single recharge can extend your vaping enjoyment for an extended period, making it a responsible choice for both your wallet and the environment.

Compact and Convenient Vaping Device

Despite its mighty capabilities, BC5000 Bars has a compact size. You can take it with you wherever you go, slipping it into your pocket or purse, and its lightweight design makes it a breeze to carry. The device is thoughtfully designed with an ergonomic mouthpiece, ensuring a pleasant and natural feel as you vape. Its gradual pattern, silk-like finish, and streamlined appearance add an element of sophistication to your vaping sessions, engaging both your tactile and visual senses. Vaping has never been this satisfying!

With a generous 13ml of pre-filled e-juice containing a 5% nicotine level, BC5000 Bars delivers a delightful nicotine hit that satisfies every individual. This potent combination of e-juice and nicotine content translates to nearly 5000 puffs, ensuring you have an ample supply of vaping pleasure at your fingertips.

Variety to Satisfy Every Palate

Elf Bar has gone the extra mile, offering a choice of over 30 different flavors to cater to your unique palate. From the tropical fusion of Pineapple Coconut Ice to the sweet and tangy notes of Peach Berry, and even the classic appeal of Kopi Tobacco, their collection of flavors has been carefully crafted to cater to a wide range of taste preferences. You can find all flavors at our wholesale smoke shop at unbeatable prices!

At Devine Distribution, we cater to individuals and businesses. Whether you’re a vaping enthusiast or a retailer looking to provide the best to your customers, we’ve got you covered! Shop BC5000 Bars 5% 5000 Puff 10ct now!