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Brand: HQD

Product Code: MMHQDCTDI1

Availability: In Stock

Variations Price Quantity
HQD DISPLAY 5ct CUVIE BAR 20ct BRICK Log in to see pricing


Make product displays easier with the HQD STICKS 12ct 9000 CUVIE PLUS 2.0 DISPLAY

Devine Distribution is a well-respected online wholesale smoke shop that understands its customers’ needs. We know that it’s not just about the product quality but also aesthetics when it comes to making sales.

That’s why we’re bringing you the fantastic HQD STICKS 12ct 9000 CUVIE PLUS 2.0. HQD is one of the most well-loved manufacturers in the industry and makes everything from some of the best disposable vapes in the market to this display product.   

This display case fits 12 counts of HQD sticks, so they look visually appealing and aesthetically pleasing and are accessible to your customers. It’s intended to not only make your displays easier but also more organized so you’re not stressed about finding the right product. Fitted specifically for the HQD Sticks, these displays are a great investment.

As one of the most trusted wholesale vape distributors in the region, you can count on us to deliver the best products, including the HQD STICKS 12ct 9000 CUVIE PLUS 2.0 DISPLAY. Designed to fit this range of disposables exclusively, it can be refilled quite easily.

The HQD disposables themselves are hot-selling products, with each disposable offering 9000 puffs of pure bliss per piece.

You can order the HQD STICKS 12ct 9000 CUVIE PLUS 2.0 DISPLAY at incredible wholesale rates and get multiple other products from this manufacturer, such as various vapes, disposables, e-liquids, etc. Contact us for more information about our product selection.

HQD STICKS 12ct 9000 CUVIE PLUS 2.0 DISPLAY is an investment piece for your store

If you’re looking to sell a high-quality display product for your vape store or smoke shop, the HQD STICKS 12ct 9000 CUVIE PLUS 2.0 DISPLAY is great for retailers and smoke shop owners.

Not only does it look chic and sleek, but it’s also a great organizational tool that keeps your products looking seamlessly in place.

It’s cost-effective and efficient and enhances the value of your display and store. The HQD STICKS 12ct 9000 CUVIE PLUS 2.0 DISPLAY is a must-have if you’re a business owner stocking and supplying your clients with other products.

Choose our online wholesale smoke shop for all your store stocks and supplies, including all kinds of vapes and accessories. We’re bringing you everything you and your customers need and more. Contact us to learn more about our work and services!