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Get the highly-potent and concentratedINNEVAPE 30ml SALT Range through our online wholesale smoke shop 

INNEVAPE is one of the most well-loved vape brands in the market, thanks to their amazing quality, flavor range and profile, and amazing products in general. Their new salt range, the INNEVAPE 30ml SALT, is a must-have product, and your customers are bound to love it.

As a trusted wholesale distributor and online smoke shop, we’re dedicated to serving our clients with some of the best-sourced products that have been uniquely curated and sold to you at the most flexible rates. This, alongside our amazing customer service and competitive rates, makes it too tempting to not purchase wonderful products like these nic salts.  

The INNEVAPE 30ml SALT range guarantees the richest flavors and aromas alongside higher concentrations of nicotine. The 30 ml bottle seems small, but it’s more than enough due to its high potency and concentration, making the INNEVAPE 30 ml SALT a game-changer for customers who want a stronger hit.

Get your hands on the amazing INNEVAPE 30ml SALT in a variety of flavors and varying strengths through our online smoke shop in Florida. You can also find other alternatives with varying strengths and flavors that are available to you.

Get your hands on INNEVAPE 30ml SALT for your vape store

The INNEVAPE 30ml SALT is intended to make the smoking experience a lot smoother and more powerful. As a nicotine salt, it’s significantly more potent than other alternatives while still being affordable and flavorful, and we’re bringing an amazing range, including the berry-based Heisenberg, nostalgically sweet Carousel, tropical and tangy Chill Out.

The acidic base and concentration of nicotine, which make it more potent in comparison to regular e-liquid, is ideal for seasoned smokers. There are several options for customers to choose from, and you can stock all of those and more through our website or reach out to us to order more products from our online wholesale smoke shop.

Choose Devine Distribution to be your vape wholesale distributor, exploring our collection of coils, E-cigs, pod systems, and much more that you can stock up and sell through your retail business. Reach out to us to learn more about our services and products, including the INNEVAPE 30ml SALT and other related items.