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Lookah Seahorse X Kit – A Multi-Functional Vaping Device

The Lookah Seahorse X Kit is a highly advanced wax pen that offers exceptional versatility, convenience, and superior quality. It has quickly become a favorite among vaping enthusiasts due to its innovative design, portability, and exceptional performance.
This all-in-one kit combines the functionalities of a dab pen, cart pen, wax pen, and an Enail, delivering an amazing vaping experience. Combined with its water filtration function, it becomes the ultimate device for all moods, preferences, and needs. By introducing the Lookah Seahorse X Kit at your shop or retail store, you can boost your sales and customer loyalty in no time!

Key Features

Fusion of Enail and Electronic Nectar

This is the first-ever device that combines electronic nectar and an Enail, elegantly packed into a sleek component. Users can enjoy convenience and functionality in a single device.

Versatile Function

This multifunctional device seamlessly transitions between Enail, wax pen, cart pen, and dab pen modes, providing unparalleled flexibility for every vaping enthusiast. Users can also choose their preferred voltage setting and temperature for personalized sessions.

Built-In Airway Valve

Now users can enjoy full control of vapor production with the built-in airway valve, which also doubles as a carb cap across all formats.

Dual Operating Modes

Lookah Seahorse X Kit has two modes. The manual mode offers 20 seconds of continuous heating, whereas the session mode offers a 15-second preheat followed by a 30-second firing cycle for multiple hits.
These amazing features and versatile functionality makes the Lookah Seahorse X Kit one of the most-loved device in the market. Stock it up on your shelves by ordering from our wholesale online smoke shop.