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Product Code: OHMEGACOIL

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Coil Type: Flat Twisted 4mm .6Ω Log in to see pricing
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Coil Type: Twisted 4mm .6Ω Log in to see pricing
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Ohmega Twisted Clapton Wire 10-Pack 4mm is specially designed to be the perfect fit for your ecig coil build. Ohmega is hands down one of the best companies in the vaping industry. Ohmega has a track record of greatly ensuring the quality of each and every vaping accessory and product that they manufacture. In order to reach such levels of perfection, Ohmega fully researches the needs and desires of their loyal customers.

Ohmega takes this knowledge and fully applies it to every aspect of their wires. Ohmega’s current line of wiring was already at the top of the market, but with the innovation of these Twisted wires, Ohmega reaches never before seen levels of perfection. The best thing about this pack is that it includes an incredible 10 vape coils! What this translates into is that you won’t have to worry about replacing these wires for quite some time.

Given that Ohmega never lets their customers down, these electronic cigarette coils ensure an even better vaping experience than ever before. Honestly, with such an amazing quality of wiring and with so many options, it’s virtually impossible to go wrong when buying into the Ohmega brand. And of course, since Ohmega is known for being the best, this reputation also extends to the amazing quality of their customer service. With Ohmega’s quest for perfection and level of satisfaction that they aim to provide to their customers, it’ll be a sure fit that you’ll fully enjoy these wires.