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When it’s time to replace or choose a new tank for a device, look no further than our extensive tank collection featured below. You will find a variety of options from the top vaping brands users trust. Not all tanks are built the same, but they all should maximize vapor output, enhance the flavor notes, and effectively dissipate heat. Some of the tank designs shown below work best with their battery and vaporizer counterparts, and others can be swapped into most any device. Just like any other removable and replaceable vaporizer part, tanks include many options to choose from. Each user will carry certain preferences for which tank is best for them, although we stand by all of the tanks supplied on our end.


The volume of the tank is one of the most important aspects of a tank, as too little volume can make reloading a pain and too much room can make the vapor stale by the time it reaches the mouthpiece. Tank construction is another characteristic important to many vapers. Plastic, glass, and metal tanks are the most common. When choosing a type of tank for a device, the user must ensure compatibility with the rest of their pieces and compatibility with their own vaping preferences. Users who prefer hot vapes will want a low resistance in their tank. However, if the battery power is too high, this combination can cause a blow-out. So, tanks should be carefully considered for each device if not replacing with the same model.

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Showing 1 to 11 of 11 (1 Pages)